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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well it looks like he's moved in !!!

Well its raining outside..and HE'S in Here !!in MY bed, where am I,on a dining chair !!! Coz Hes got my radiator bed, I like the warmth i'm on a flippin hard chair by the other smaller radiator !!....Momo is on the Sofa and the two girls are on our bed upstairs.You can see by my face..I AM NOT HAPPY !!...I've got to sort this out,I am after all the leader now..She (ma) is just messing about on the computer, doesn't care that i am disgusted with her for allowing him to take over MY bed..."oh you poor old thing your soaking wet" she says to him.."come on in and have some Milk"..Now I dont mind him been here he's a quite old boy..but not in MY bed, Still he'll be gone again when the rain stops,.. I suppose i could talk to him and recruit him into the gang, Then i can tell him who's the Boss (Moi)and sort out the sleeping arrangements at the same time..Good idea..i'll go and talk to him Now, let you know in my next post what happens..Bailey

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