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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm on Moms new laptop HELLO GUYS

Hello at last guys...i'm on Moms new laptop..its taking some getting used to,even for a clever, streetwise fella like me,but i really want to give you all the 'cat-chat' on whats been going on ..with the gang. Jacey (J.C.)is still doing fine..she's really an old bird we must show her some respect..but boy she puts that hormonal bitchcat with attitude,Lady in her place at times..Lady thinks she is so cool,just because she takes on anything with 4 legs & a tail..The young un(Moses) is terrified of her when she is in a bad mood and he still gives her a wide berth, but she is ok with him..she reckons he knows his place..he is still the biggest woos on 4 legs..but he is getting SO big, we try not to let him see his reflection in mirrors or windows etc...coz he'd scare himself to death..i kid you not !!!! he might get a bit cocky and ...we dont want that,especially moi..Lady i can handle we have had a few run-ins,but if the young un landed on me in a scrap he'd probably wind me for a week..he reminds me of one of those low on brains but extremely huge simpletons..scarey to look at but harmless due to lack of intelligence if you get my drift? really must get she who must be obeyed (Ma,NOT Lady,she only thinks she should be obeyed)to get her camera fixed, then i can post his picture..well one of us all would be good..ive missed you guys..especially Milton..where are you buddy ???
We have had aunty Ness & Laura down yesterday. Mom's always in a good mood when they are here and we get lots of attention...sometimes too much..that Laura is good looking (for a human)..but she keps wanting to give me a bath !!!...she got away with it once when i was a silly punky,kid, and they were all cooing and saying stupid things like 'isn't he gorgeous, his fur is so lovely when he's clean'..Bah, do they think i'm a woman, i'd never live it down in the neighbourhood if i let her do that..sadly i had to get heavy with Laura, drew a bit of blood,I feel really bad about that, but a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to protect his street cred..and that ugly flea infested ginger Tom would never let me live it down if i went out smelling like a bunch of flowers.
Must go now guys and get back to sleep, dont want she who must be obeyed to know i've used her lap top..she's a bit possesive of it at the moment. I still share a room with Lady she's ok when we are on our own very submissive..what is it with these tough girl types..split personalities all of em.
Moses the woos STILL sleeps with Ma..on her head apparently..what a weird little retrd he is, but i feel a bit protective towards him coz of his mental state...Jacey has her choice, but usually chooses to sleep on her pillow under the radiator, I think i can hear Ma moving about, she was watching the 'X files'so i thought i'd try this out, but it must have finished now...dawn will be breaking soon and i'll have to pretend i've been asleep allnight...but i've really only been 'cat napping'..LOL..Talk soon guys bye for now.. and Happy Hunting.