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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now what do you make of this fella ??

O.K. guys WHAT do you make of this Dude ??..he's our cousin (well sort of )He is one of Aunty Vanessa's (Ma's daughter) cats...he looks like a lion, suppose thats why they call him Simba !!...Momo is going down with Mom next week so he will see him face to face...MMMmmmm. I have told 'young un' (Momo)to do a lot of research on him..Coz apparently he fancies himself as a bit of a tough guy, and a cool dude...yeah well he aint met me yet!!.
Mo is a bit scared of meeting him..i told him to just look into his eyes and dont show any fear..after all he's only a young un himself (6 months)..but he is a BIG boy apparently..well the bigger they are the harder they fall buddy i told Mo..hope the young un dont go all Wimpy when he meets him.
I've been giving him lessons all afternoon on how to control your fears and maintain an air of superiority, just by the faces you pull and moves you make !!...Its a bit like teaching a parrot to roller skate, but hopefully some of it will have sunk in.
Anyway i'll blog on that when they get back.


  1. Hey, he ain't met me yet!! Have to say though, he is rather dashing. He won't continue to be though if he keeps drinking diet coke. I've been trying to get the Muttie off her two-a-day habit for weeks now.

    Milt x

  2. Hi Milt buddy..yeah me & you would show him what real cats are made of !!..Ma drinks loads of that as well, what is it with these women and that stuff..DIET.....??...HHMMMmm you should see the size of her!! that is a mere drop in the ocean,..she'd need to starve herself for 6 months, and drink nothing but water !!..when is muttie doing her column ? soon Buddy...Bailey X