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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

By the way the strange one is Victor

I forgot to mention Victor (Below) Aunty Nessa's dog (well i think he's a dog) must post on him later..I just got SO carried away worrying about Momo's lack of backbone,that i totally forgot to metion Victor...I'm still trying to find out what went wrong with him..did he get run over, but it only caught his ears ??..will do more research and post on him later. MoMo is my top priority at the minute..he is a WIMP extrordinaire...must sort him out before i tackle anything else.

I'm back, and Mo is a bigger whoos than ever !!!

Well here i am blogging again, i have been having a really lazy time, Ma was too interested in going out with Aunty Nessa. Mo is an even bigger wooos than before (if thats possible?) Since Ma went mental when he brought a live bird into the house recently, he has been REALLY stupid and bringing home stupid things like... bits of chip wrapping paper !! and 'empty Crisp bags'!!!!! I ask you what a twerp..of course She (Ma) doesn't raise hell about the little tyke thinks he is doing well. I took him into the bushes yesterday and tried to get him to grab a blackbird, he just ran away !!.Now this is going to reflect badly on Moi..IF he doesn't quit acting like a wimp soon, I am after all supposed to be teaching him how to hunt. He even said that Simba..(that weird one i showed you in my last post) was a great guy, and very handsome in the flesh !!!..I felt like banging my head on a wall and biting my paws until they bled, i was just SO frustrated with him.
Have got to think up another strategy to make him more Macho..or i will not be able to hold my head up in the neighborhood soon. I heard scruff, the ginger Tom talking to that stupid Poncy Tabby yesterday..they stopped as i went passed, but i managed to hear, "its the way they are taught, he's losing his touch"..Well i aint losing MY touch baby, i turned and spat at him, and went for them like lightening, they both ran..but IF i dont do something with that Moses soon, folk will think i'm slipping..even Lady smirked at me today..and said, 'i saw Momo with the crisp that the best you have taught him big boy' ?..she just got a dirty look, i'll sort her out later...but i need to get my thoughts together..and Quick.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Well it looks like he's moved in !!!

Well its raining outside..and HE'S in Here !!in MY bed, where am I,on a dining chair !!! Coz Hes got my radiator bed, I like the warmth i'm on a flippin hard chair by the other smaller radiator !!....Momo is on the Sofa and the two girls are on our bed upstairs.You can see by my face..I AM NOT HAPPY !!...I've got to sort this out,I am after all the leader now..She (ma) is just messing about on the computer, doesn't care that i am disgusted with her for allowing him to take over MY bed..."oh you poor old thing your soaking wet" she says to him.."come on in and have some Milk"..Now I dont mind him been here he's a quite old boy..but not in MY bed, Still he'll be gone again when the rain stops,.. I suppose i could talk to him and recruit him into the gang, Then i can tell him who's the Boss (Moi)and sort out the sleeping arrangements at the same time..Good idea..i'll go and talk to him Now, let you know in my next post what happens..Bailey

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Now what do you make of this fella ??

O.K. guys WHAT do you make of this Dude ??..he's our cousin (well sort of )He is one of Aunty Vanessa's (Ma's daughter) cats...he looks like a lion, suppose thats why they call him Simba !!...Momo is going down with Mom next week so he will see him face to face...MMMmmmm. I have told 'young un' (Momo)to do a lot of research on him..Coz apparently he fancies himself as a bit of a tough guy, and a cool dude...yeah well he aint met me yet!!.
Mo is a bit scared of meeting him..i told him to just look into his eyes and dont show any fear..after all he's only a young un himself (6 months)..but he is a BIG boy apparently..well the bigger they are the harder they fall buddy i told Mo..hope the young un dont go all Wimpy when he meets him.
I've been giving him lessons all afternoon on how to control your fears and maintain an air of superiority, just by the faces you pull and moves you make !!...Its a bit like teaching a parrot to roller skate, but hopefully some of it will have sunk in.
Anyway i'll blog on that when they get back.