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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm back, and Mo is a bigger whoos than ever !!!

Well here i am blogging again, i have been having a really lazy time, Ma was too interested in going out with Aunty Nessa. Mo is an even bigger wooos than before (if thats possible?) Since Ma went mental when he brought a live bird into the house recently, he has been REALLY stupid and bringing home stupid things like... bits of chip wrapping paper !! and 'empty Crisp bags'!!!!! I ask you what a twerp..of course She (Ma) doesn't raise hell about the little tyke thinks he is doing well. I took him into the bushes yesterday and tried to get him to grab a blackbird, he just ran away !!.Now this is going to reflect badly on Moi..IF he doesn't quit acting like a wimp soon, I am after all supposed to be teaching him how to hunt. He even said that Simba..(that weird one i showed you in my last post) was a great guy, and very handsome in the flesh !!!..I felt like banging my head on a wall and biting my paws until they bled, i was just SO frustrated with him.
Have got to think up another strategy to make him more Macho..or i will not be able to hold my head up in the neighborhood soon. I heard scruff, the ginger Tom talking to that stupid Poncy Tabby yesterday..they stopped as i went passed, but i managed to hear, "its the way they are taught, he's losing his touch"..Well i aint losing MY touch baby, i turned and spat at him, and went for them like lightening, they both ran..but IF i dont do something with that Moses soon, folk will think i'm slipping..even Lady smirked at me today..and said, 'i saw Momo with the crisp that the best you have taught him big boy' ?..she just got a dirty look, i'll sort her out later...but i need to get my thoughts together..and Quick.

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